One battery - many possibilities!

To meet today’s needs of users and closely observing global technological trends, DEDRA has created a completely new line of cordless power tools. DEDRA SAS+ALL is a modern solution whose heart is the ONE battery system. Regardless of whether you are a high-class professional or a DIY enthusiast, with the help of DEDRA SAS+ALL, with one battery, you have a wide range of efficient cordless power tools that will make your job easier.


Create your own SAS+ALL set - where to start?

For starters – the charger. Its fast charging technology will allow you to prepare one of the two available lithium-ion batteries for work in a short time. Do you use equipment only sporadically? You don’t spend the whole day in the garage? Choose a 2Ah battery. Don’t have time for a break? Are you a demon for work? – A 4Ah battery is for you! Both variants use 18V voltage which guarantees high efficiency and directly translates into the efficiency of the power tool. Both the charger and the batteries have a diode power level indicator. If you plan to make a large purchase, is would be a good idea to buy a capacious and durable bag for your DEDRA SAS+ALL set, which is also on offer.

DEDRA SAS+ALL – it is profitable!

You save time!
No more tangled cables,
no more looking for a power socket or an extension cable!

You save money!
New power tools price reduced by the price of another battery!

Save yourself the trouble, gaining tidiness and order!
One charger, one battery, many tools!

You save the environment!
Less batteries today means less electric waste tomorrow!


High quality

For almost 30 years, DEDRA, one of the leaders in the tool industry in Poland, has been a determinant of quality and business integrity in its class. When creating DEDRA SAS+ALL, we were guided by the same principles. All cordless power tools from the new line are of the same high quality. They are equipped with modern, and at the same time proven, technological solutions and - a characteristic feature of DEDRA products - they provide very good performance at a reasonable price.

Unique design

The world is changing and with it, the design and our requirements concerning details. Being aware of the fact, when we were creating DEDRA SAS+ALL cordless power tools, apart from technological issues, we also focused our attention on their appearance. DEDRA SAS+ALL stands out among the competition with its modern design and ergonomic solutions that make your work even easier and more enjoyable.

Built with Dedra experience

We know how important the quality and reliability of the work is for you. For us it is too. Therefore, based on our many years of experience in creating power tools and machines and the work of our engineers from the Technical Department, we have created a product that we can be proud of. Thousands of devices sold under our brands give us confidence that the choice of DEDRA SAS+ALL cordless power tools on our offer will warrant your satisfaction.

Two year warranty

We are absolutely sure of the quality of our products, which is why since January 2016, we have been giving a full two-year warranty on our range of equipment. In the case of DEDRA SAS+ALL, we provide the warranty not only for the device itself, but also for batteries. Both for individual customers and businesses.

Wide range of products

At DEDRA, our team works every day to meet the expectations of customers. We are constantly developing the range of our products, introducing new solutions and improving the existing ones. The purchase of DEDRA SAS+ALL is an investment for the future. The constantly developed system of one battery for many devices already allows you to use the possibilities which will increase in the future, still using the battery you already own!

Connect many devices with one battery



18V | 0-400 min-1, 0-1100 min-1, chuck max 10mm

Classic cordless power tool. Lithium-ion “eighteen volt tool”. 35Nm and a wide range of rotations (19+ percussion function) make it stand out among the competition. Two gears, rubberized handle, durable casing made of fiberglass-reinforced Nylon, guarantee strength and durability. The screwdriver additionally has an LED backlight, making the work in less-lit places much more comfortable.



18V | 1/4" HEX | 0-2600 min-1

Where the ordinary equipment cannot cope, an impact tool is necessary. DED7045 is a high-performance impact wrench that can handle most bolts and nuts at 110Nm of torque. Smooth speed control, an automatic clamping handle for ¼ “HEX bit, an aluminum housing of the front part of the gear and LED backlight, definitely improve the quality and comfort of work.


Rotary Hammer

18V | SDS PLUS | 0-5500 u/min | 15000-1 |1,8J

This real-deal hammer drill is a compact device which combined with the 4Ah battery, fully shows its potential at work. The parameters of the device show that it can handle the toughest jobs. It has the impact power of 1.8J with high frequency of 0-5500 beats/min and rotational speed of 1500 min-1. The maximum diameter of drilling in wood is 26mm, in concrete 20mm and in metal 13mm. Note that the tool has three working modes: drilling, drilling with hammering and chiseling, additionally with the possibility of blocking the chisel in the right position, LED backlight and a grip reducing the transmission of vibrations.



18V | MAX 7500 min-1 | 125mm

When you say: “a small angle grinder”, you can only think about 125mm tool. For this grinder we recommend a battery with a higher capacity of 4.0 Ah. The device is equipped with a safe switch system that protects against overloading the device. The most optimal diameter of the 125mm disc, a comfortable grip and low weight – these are its greatest advantages. In addition, the tool has a fast clamping system for the blade guard, and the storage box in the side handle guarantees that key for changing the blade will never get lost again.



18V | 2 in 1 | TYPE90 + TYPE300F

A stapler or a nailer? It’s easy, both! DED7055 combines both functions. The device works with standard types of 90 GA18 nails and 300F GA18 staples, also available on our offer. The magazine holds 100 staples or nails. Using a 2,0 Ah battery you can drive 1700 staples, 3,400 staples (25mm high) when working with a 4.0Ah battery. Adjustment of the driving force and LED lighting are other useful functions.



18V | 0-2300 min-1

The 3-step cutting function, cutting precision and high stroke of the 25mm blade are the characteristic features of the DED7060. However, these are not all the advantages of this device. The aluminum working foot and the front of the body, also made of aluminum, place this product in terms of durability at the highest level. The jigsaw has a tool-less system of setting the foot in a perpendicular or 45-degree position, and the T-shaped saw blade can be also mounted without tools. To reduce the degree of dustiness during operation, the device can be easily connected to a vacuum cleaner or a chip extraction device intended for this type of tasks. LED lighting in this type of devices will significantly facilitate cutting. Using this tool will make you feel that everything we create is done with our clients and the comfort of their work in mind.


Grass trimmer

18V | 8500 min-1 | 300mm

Nothing brings more joy in the garden than an evenly mowed lawn. To achieve a satisfactory result, a string trimmer is necessary. Our model can work without interruption for over half an hour on one 4 Ah battery. 300 mm cutting diameter and 8,500 rpm guarantee high performance in all conditions. For complete comfort, we have added a multi-stage trimmer adjustment in several planes and a line length correction system.



18V | 0-2800 min-1

It doesn’t matter if it’s sheet metal, plastic, wood or aerated concrete. The SAS + ALL saber saw can handle any of these materials easily. 2,800 revolutions per minute and a 25.4 mm high blade stroke are above average for this type of product. The equipment also has a safe switch and tool-free blade assembly system.



18V | 11000-21000 min-1

The multifunction tool is a DIY enthusiast’s best friend. Useful wherever traditional power tools are too big or too powerful, and precision is needed. The device tilts the blade by 3.2 degrees working at a frequency of up to 21000 vibrations per minute. This enables it to effectively cut most materials, even in very narrow spaces. You can mount all accessories in it without using any additional tools!



18V | 12000 min-1

The most popular orbital sander. The extended working foot, delta shape and 12,000 revolutions per minute will allow you to quickly and accurately sand the selected material. The device has a built-in dust extraction attachment and a wide selection of sandpaper gradations.



18V | 6000,8500,11000 min-1

The eccentric sander is perfect for grinding or polishing due to the way the disc moves. The SAS + ALL model has three speeds: 6,000, 8,500 and 11,000 rpm. Its biggest advantages include a detachable dust container and a technologically advanced brushless motor. This design makes the device many times more durable and efficient.


led working light

18V | 20W | 900/1800LM

It’s hard to do something right when you can’t see anything. The lamp from SAS + ALL system solves this problem. A 20 watt set of modern COB LEDs achieves a brightness of 2,000 lumens and a light color of 6500 Kelvin, which is close to daylight. The lamp has two modes of operation, an aluminum housing and resistance classes to external conditions of IP 20 and IK07.


Tool Bag

24 liters | 2 layers | 600D POLYESTER

This durable and spacious waterproof polyester bag will fit all the tools and accessories you need, and thanks to the shoulder strap, your hands will remain free.



2.0 Ah | Li-ION

High capacity lithium-ion battery with a charge level indicator. The technology of its manufacture prevents the annoying “memory effect” and allows you to recharge it without waiting for full discharge.



4.0 Ah | Li-ION

High capacity lithium-ion battery with a charge level indicator. The technology of its manufacture prevents the annoying “memory effect” and allows you to recharge it without waiting for full discharge.


Battery charger

2,0Ah - 60min | 4,0Ah - 120min

A stable and efficient charger with a battery level indicator is the first step to complete your DEDRA SAS+ALL set.




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tel. 22 738 37 77
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The DEDRA SAS + ALL trademark is the property of DEDRA Exim Sp. z o. o.
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